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About Euromeridian

Euromeridian provides fresh fruit from the heart of the European fruit Business in Breda, The Netherlands. We specialize in conventional and biological SKAL certified berries, avocados and mangos. Our own production in Mexico & Morocco allows us to provide our customers all year round with fresh and high-quality fruits. Quality and freshness are the core values at Euromeridian. Our own fruit is grown and harvested by our partner Meridian du Maghreb located in Morocco. Bridging the gap between growers and consumers of fresh fruits. In other words, creating a fruitful experience along the entire value chain of fruits.

Our story

Euromeridian is a branch of the Mexican Meridian Fruits also known as Freshkampo. FreshKampo grows and provides high quality fruits for the Mexican, Canadian and US market through another branch called Meridian Fine Foods LLC, located in California. Due to the success of FreshKampo which resulted in the expansion to Europe. FreshKampo founded Euromeridian in August 2017 in the Netherlands. Euromeridian serves as the extension of our growers in Mexico and Morocco, to serve our European customers. Our core business is growing fruits and therefore Meridian du Maghreb was founded in 2019. Meridian du Maghreb is located in Morocco and provides Euromeridian with fresh fruit for the European market. As grower our aim is to provide European supermarket all year round with our own grown fruit from Morocco and Mexico. Help us realize our goals and get in touch.

Meridian du Maghreb

Meridian du Maghreb in Morocco provides our production of fruits and collaborates with selected associated growers. The strawberry and avocado fields are located in the north and the raspberry fields in the south of Morocco. Giving Euromeridian the opportunity to oversee the whole value chain of fruits. Therefore, we can ensure our core values; fresh and high-quality fruits. From planting seeds in the fields to putting harvested fruits on the shelves of your local supermarket.

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We are certified

We are SKAL & IFS certified. Please click on the logos to download our certificates.

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